Frantic Days

Part of the daily self reminder is not to succumb to a frantic day. I define this kind of day as having too many tasks and things to think about. I tend to fret about these many other things. I forget to immerse myself in the task on hand, giving it my full focus. I am already moving on to the next task even as I am currently doing another.

I remind myself constantly to pay attention to the flow of each and every moment. Doing so allows a more rhythmic day. It helps to move with more ease and pleasure even as i carry out the mundane and ordinary. Punctuating each to-do with a pause as I transition to the next one has also been helpful in having a better paced day.

I know this and yet I continue to fall into the frantic trap. Sometimes because of others setting the urgency. But most of the time it is from me wanting to accomplish more and more and more. Nothing gets achieved if you want everything, all at the same time. This post is a reminder to take stock of every single task, carrying these out one at a time, a step in front of another.

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