Strategic Joy

I first heard about strategic joy when I attended an Airbnb Experience with one of the top world marathoners, Deena Kastor. It is the deliberate creation of these pockets of joy, peppered throughout your day. It can go from the mundane to the marvellous. What is important is that you intentionally breathed life into it for the sheer reason of lightening up your day.

I have been practicing this on my own way even before having such an apt term for it. I initially coined it as “from routines to rituals”. It essentially is the same act of weaving joy into the details of our daily lives. I would like to share some examples of these happiness infusions:

  • Writing again on this blog and scheduling it at the exact time everyday.
  • Reading my G’Morning G’Night book by Lin Manuel Miranda and the Art of Noticing
  • Rumi first thing in the morning
  • Yoga before I work
  • Dressing up to go to work, topping off the outfit with a hat.
  • Preparing freshly brewed coffee.
  • Settling in before I start my work.
  • Preparing a nice lunch and pondering on the wine to pair with it.
  • Drinking sparkling wine for no real reason except I feel like it.
  • Preparing milo dinosaur for my kids.
  • Preparing cocktails for my husband
  • Getting some sunshine.
  • Reading fiction
  • Browsing through my wine books

So many other ideas to live our days with strategic joy. The imagination can run wild just coming up with these fun and sometimes crazy practices. Cheers to joy and happiness, chosen daily.

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