Choosing Contentment

I woke up feeling content. It is a mixed kind of contentment though since I have a sense of choosing to be in this state instead of simply having an overall feeling of ease. Regardless, I like starting my day this way.

I am content to be home especially during days like these when the weather is unpredictable. It would have been quite taxing to prepare to go to work braving the rains, leaving earlier than usual to avoid the traffic that comes as soon as the showers start. I am content to have my family healthy and happy as they do their respective work from where we are.

Accepting things as they are and embracing reality from where they are- these are the starting points of contentment. This ease of being springs from a feeling that everything is enough. Nothing is lacking nor wanting. We are where we ought to be, right here and right now. The choice to live each day against this backdrop marks the quality of our lives.

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