My daughter has been craving for churros. She rarely voices out these wants but maybe being stuck home has made her more attuned to how her body feels. I, on the other hand, am always craving. Craving for food, drinks but mostly experiences.

I am always doing or wanting to do something. What has been interesting though is I have been happy experiencing life while being home. The cravings are not rising from a sense of being stuck. They are simply part of my strong sensory nature. I am glad that they surface and are satisfied from where I am. Surprisingly for someone who can’t keep still, this has been more than enough.

I am grateful for my cravings. It is a constant indicator of my hunger for learning, thirst for conversations and desire to live life more fully. It reminds me that there is so much to see, taste, hear, smell and touch. To crave is to want more. But we can choose to want what we have right here and right now.

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