On New Normal

I bristle every time I utter the words “new normal”. It is as if I do not want to define the life that we are experiencing now as contrary to how it should be. It is a statement that alludes to the current state as not right, not ideal. It goes against a personal principle of accepting experiences and meeting them from where they arise.

The notion of new normal seems to imply that the manner by which we carry out our lives now are sub-optimal alternatives. That these are just substitutes to how things should be. I find myself in this state of mind from time to time. Instead I would like to take on a more accepting stance so my forward movements are anchored on creation rather than compromise.

There are a lot of things that are not right in the world. But there is a whole bunch that is good and worth waking up for. I hope to continue to choose the latter even as some days are such a struggle.

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