On Anticipation

Anticipation springs from a desire to be in a different state. It is the imagined fulfilment of what one is craving for. Often, anticipation is a big part of the fun. The painstaking planning, the conjured experiences, the daydreaming – all these add to the thrill and excitement.

However when reality differs from the painted picture in our heads, the feeling of disappointment can be overwhelming. The build up to this one moment that has to be absolutely perfect has caused the present to be lackluster. We are beset with worry that things should fall into place as you’ve planned it to be. What we miss is the unique experience unfolding as it should be, based on the current condition and circumstances.

I have to remind myself to anticipate excitedly but temper accordingly. Easier said than done. But what has helped greatly is having my senses attuned to and engaged with the activity I have patiently waited for. It is by summoning the senses to pay attention that an imagined reality becomes a fully lived experience.

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