Calendar It

I depend on my calendar for all the things that happen during the day. If it is important and I need to remember it, I calendar it. Lately I have been thinking about how I can be more consistent in carrying out daily routines. Perhaps I shall try to put these into a schedule.

What I worry about though is that if an activity is plotted daily, I will gloss it over because I know that I actually do not have to do it. There is no reason for me to do it – no one would be affected, no one will know if I actually did it, there is no deadline. The only reason is that I simply would like to do it. It is for the pleasure of doing it for myself and for the sheer act of it.

Getting started may entail the deliberate inclusion of a task in a calendar but what gets it to stick is the act of doing. The momentum of keeping at it everyday imprints the practice into our being, becoming part of our identity. This is what I am aiming for but for now the best I can do is to put in a daily reminder.

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