Oh Wow

What are the moments in life that make you utter the words “Oh wow!”? Sometimes we think it should be the achievement of the large and audacious goals in life. Perhaps it may be the measures that are typically ascribed when people refer to a successful company or person. It may also be hinged on one’s impact in the world.

But it is the little moments with those who we love dearly that are the real and lasting oh wow moments. It is the quiet evenings when the kids rummage through old letters and squeal in delight as if they were toddlers reading a nightly note. It is a warm cuddle on a rainy night, snuggling against a partner who is steadfast and constant.

These experiences allow us to go into the world to do and be more in the work that we do. As we build these lasting sanctuaries for ourselves and our loved ones, we fill our cup. In turn we are energised to create. We endeavor to show up and contribute towards the mission we set out to do. We give more because of the happiness and contentment

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