On Staying Hungry

One thing that I am trying not to lose as I do the work that I am doing now is the hunger. The drive to keep trying and to keep giving my best shot springs from a core need that does not seem to be satiated. I have always considered this hunger an edge that keeps me on my toes. But lately I have been pondering on how to reframe this insatiable desire to do more and be more.

I do not think there is something inherently wrong with staying hungry. They say the best entrepreneurs “stay hungry and stay foolish”. But the hunger connotes a senses of scarcity. That there is someone out there to get you, to outwit you, to surpass you if you start getting too comfortable. It triggers a vigilance to guard what we have been building and growing.

Perhaps it may be framed instead as an overflowing hunger that speaks of a generosity to give more of the best in ourselves in the work that we do. Maybe it may be viewed as a vigilance to stay curious about others and about matters that inspire us to create. It may be seen as a wellspring of possibilities versus a void that needs to be filled up. Thinking about hunger this way leaves me with a sense of ease.

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