Trusting One’s Self

Trust is something that is hard to come by for me. My younger self had a difficult time letting other people in due to the lack of trust. I would often be sought by friends because I listened fully and intently. They feel heard because I do not say much and simply tune in to them. I rarely talk about what I am going through and would rather focus on the other.

Over the past years I have been able to work on trusting others. What I am working on now is trusting the self more. I have started this journey by trying all sorts of ventures and following my curiosity. What I have noticed though is that I have a tendency to hold myself back when fear of failure starts to set in. I have to work on betting on myself and believing that whatever the outcome is, I can pull myself together and through.

Lots of work to do on this front. But I think what is important is to show up, stay curious and not take myself too seriously. It is also when I focus on the other as well as on the task in front of me that I can be more open to possibilities and more attuned to trusting the process.

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