Becoming a Safe Space

I was just with a friend last night and she apologized for spending the time ranting about different things. I assured her that it’s perfectly fine and that she can just rant away all she wants because she is in a safe space.

I think all of us need that kind of space. It is where we can speak our mind, talk about our frustrations and fantasies, bawl our eyes out or just laugh like a mad woman, without any judgement. It is where we can unapologetically be our real selves. It is where fear of being rejected or scorned is non-existent. It is also a place to just be quiet if you don’t feel like talking. 

A safe space is the pause that we need, the self-care that’s necessary to stay sane amidst the craziness. We choose these spaces with utmost care. We nurture it over time. I can count on one hand the number of people who I have truly allowed to see me at my most vulnerable and I’d like to keep it that way. 

But when you become someone’s safe space, hold that dearly with your heart and respect it. It is not easy for people to show brokenness as they strip themselves of their strong facade. And don’t feel compelled to say all the right things and come up with the most profound responses. Sometimes all they need is to know that you are wholeheartedly present. 

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