Home Blindedness

I came across this term today – hemmablind. It is a Swedish word that literally translates to “home blindedness”.  It may mean becoming oblivious to the faults and flaws of your everyday, not ignoring them but just living with them. On one end it seems a bit negative if seen from a lense of passivity, accepting things as they are. But on the other end, it may also be about glossing over some things to achieve a sense of bliss and peace as we settle in our homes, wherever that may be. It is choosing to be ignorant since ignorance is truly bliss and there is nowhere we’d rather be blissful than in the comforts of our own homes. 

In the context of these uncertain times, this may be applied in choosing what we will fight for or what we will stand for. We have just a finite amount of time and energy and it is important to discern what we will choose to let slide and what we will go up in arms for. More than ever, we gotta know what our non-negotiables are. And even these are not cast in stone. We have to be open to the possibility that we might change our minds and our stance. That is perfectly alright. We have to be gentle with ourselves and be okay to change our views about things. 

But I think what is critical  is not to be blind to what is most important to the most important people in our lives. Today, that was very apparent when my daughter showed me her school project about home. She said home is where she feels safe, loved and healthy. Oh and it’s fun there too. And really those are the only things that we need to remember as we shape and build our homes and our lives.  Yeah, kids do know best 🙂 

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