The Purpose of Pleasure 

I grew up not having much and was raised by a mom who kept the best sheets, best cutlery and all the imported canned goods for special occasions or for that rare visitor. Perhaps that is why I am a seize-the-day kind of girl, the complete opposite of my scarcity-led mother. I drink wine in the morning, eat good food just because it’s a Wednesday, dress up for no other reason except to have a shot of confidence on a gloomy day. I wear my best perfume every single day too. 

On one hand, it’s all positive, living-in-the-moment kind of mindset. But I’m also aware of its flip side- living mindlessly and beyond one’s means. This is something I try to be mindful of when I choose to indulge and it definitely is not an easy thing to do. But pleasure is a choice. And for me it serves a specific purpose. 

Pleasure is a form of self-care. It is something that I do not for anyone else but myself. I seek pleasurable experiences sometimes for a reason or for no reason at all- just enjoying it for its own sake. But the pursuit of pleasure is purposive because it is a time to nurture one’s self so we can be better versions of ourselves in the various roles that we play. It is easy to feel guilty about taking care of oneself, especially if you are a mom. But someone’s gotta take care of the person who takes care of everyone. And it is my responsibility to make sure that I am vibrant and wholehearted when I nurture others, not tired and burnt out. I need to safeguard this space for myself so I give from a place of abundance and enough and not from scarcity and emptiness. 

So fuel up on self-care this weekend so we are race ready for the week ahead. 

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