Not Sticking to Habit

I’ve always been a proponent of building habits. But today I was reminded that we have to regularly take stock of these routines and revisit why we do what we do. Habits are important because these are the basis for peak performance. The repeated practice sharpens the saw. Showing up everyday imprints how we do things and so this becomes second nature. 

However, there is a risk in being on autopilot. Sometimes there are habits that we have to let go of because it is not working for us anymore. We may already be a different person. Perhaps we have evolved or gotten much better at what we are doing that old habits must be modified as well. Or it might be possible that we are no longer getting any incremental benefit from doing a task day in day out. And maybe it’s time to think of habits that will take us to an exponential level. 

The reminder is timely as I start training seriously for my back to back race in April. The off season was good to just reset and think about the program I will commit to for the next twelve weeks. It’s a time to experiment with new routines to see what will work this time. It lends a fresh perspective to my running so it stays new and exciting, still getting me giddily out of bed every morning. I can’t wait to get started. 

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