Gearing Up for Boston

I have not done any serious running for almost six months. I have done all sorts of things to stay fit including yoga, strengthening, spinning and Pilates. But my running took a backseat.I intended it to be that way to avoid burn out. I don’t normally take off season but I felt that I needed to do so to make sure I come back for a big race refreshed and excited.

Training starts next week and I feel that my mind and body are ready to get started on a program. I have not seen what my coach has prepared for me but I have set a training rhythm for myself. It includes four run specific days and the rest of the days doing strength training, yoga, swimming and spinning. I like that it includes other activities and not just running to make sure that other muscle groups are worked out as well. It also helps avoid getting too tired from just pounding on the treadmill. 

For this race season I’m also introducing a stricter nutrition plan to see how making significant changes in the way I eat affects performance. I’ve never been on any diet so I am curious how food can allow for huge gains in speed and recovery.  I just hope I can keep at it knowing how much I love eating and drinking. 

So yeah, we are back in season and I’m just raring to get started on the road to Boston and Big Sur! 

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