Replacing What You Let Go Of

We reach certain periods in our lives when we choose to let go of things that no longer work for us. This purging is necessary to cleanse ourselves of bad habits and even people who no longer fit this new season of our lives. It sounds selfish especially if you consider time invested but we can’t move forward if we are held back by old selves with old ways of doing things. It’s a decision that we constantly have to make to take us closer everyday to who we want to become.

However, doing so leaves a void in us. The time and head space that used to be occupied by these things we choose to let go of need to be replaced by something else. The choice what to replace it with rests on what we now value and work towards. It might make sense to take on personal projects or experiments that allow us to get to know ourselves better. We could delve into curiosities we’ve always wanted to try. Or we could spend more time with people who will push us to strive towards wholeness. It is better to find replacement than to use one’s willpower to not dwell on what we are trying to stay away from. Our energy is better off focused on building rather than avoidance. 

As I journey with a friend to walk her through letting go, I journey with myself too and my struggles with excesses and past habits. I realized I’m also broken in many aspects and I need to revisit these spaces and fill it up more positively. Sometimes we just need to know that we walk similar paths to make these challenges a little more surmountable. 

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