Patience and Rigor in Becoming

I have just finished listening to Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming, on Audible. It is such a treat and a wonderful experience listening to an autobiography read by the author herself. I surely will miss her whispering her stories of self evolution during my daily run and commute. From her I was reminded again that all we can strive for is forward motion as we journey towards our fullest selves.

It is such a cliche but the point of the movement is not about arriving at a destination but about the journey and the process. We need to be patient with ourselves as we embark on this. Sometimes we get frustrated because we don’t see any marked gains. Other times we are so into the midst of it that we feel we are just getting by, going along without having full agency of our lives. But as we roll with this momentum, no matter how minute, we are saying yes and embracing the self that is evolving and becoming.

Becoming is also about rigor. This is necessary if we are called to patience which can wear thin especially if the self takes a beating. The act of showing up no matter what is that which will keep the wheels turning. The commitment to keep at it is fuel for the motion. Patience with ourselves and our seemingly slow progress is not enough. We only have so much willpower to get going. But if we choose to move each day, deliberately then our Becoming also becomes meaningful and intentional.

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