Keeping It Real

I enjoy conversations more when they are real and light. When people say what is on their mind and what they mean without pretence, it is such a refreshing thing in a world where filters are the norm. Especially when the kind of interaction happens with people who you think would be too formal or on the other extreme, too superficial. I guess a lesson for me here is to not attach labels to people and just take them as how they are present to me, to always see the humanness in every conversation.

Even as I speak about business or when I find myself in a professional setting, I would like to practice keeping it real. It allows me to not be too fixated with outcomes or expectations but simply being open and aware of the unique presence of the person in front of me. That is being kind. That is being wholehearted. That is being human.

It ties in as well with the desire to bring the full self in everything I do. It is the same real self that carries on across the different aspects of the lives we lead. It folds in beautifully into the belief that how we do one thing is how we do everything. If we keep it real whenever and wherever, we work towards becoming our most authentic best selves. That is worth striving for.

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