The Next Right Thing

I choose to believe that people want to do good and trust that they have the best of intentions. Sometimes though we are just overwhelmed by what needs to get done or by the dire situation that we are faced with. The seemingly large thing that we think we need to grapple with stops us on our tracks.

But if we simply choose to do the next right thing, then we move forward and actually accomplish something. Just by doing something no matter how small is already progress. It is also the same at work. It is so easy to just wallow in the tons of stuff to do and so we end up multitasking and not finishing anything or ending up with mediocre results.

However it is also not about ticking off stuff from a list for the sake of doing so. It is about discerning on whether these are the tasks that we ought to do given the intention we chose to start on. It is always asking ourselves if this is the best use of the limited time that I have today. If the answer is yes, then there is no other way but to do this next right thing.

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