Leading with Curiosity

As I embark on a new business I want to bring in a sense of curiosity at the heart of it. I’ve always been a curious creature or at least I try to be. I did not grow up asking questions or speculating about things. It is just now when I am all grown up that I intentionally choose to follow my nose and ask more.

It’s funny I realise this while building a product around asking. I’ve always been hesitant to ask because of the fear of being seen as stupid. I also rarely ask for help because I might be perceived as weak or inept. It is really about my ego and me wanting to look good to others. But if I choose curiosity I also choose to shed this self who is always wanting to seem perfect.

So I will further choose to be extra curious, asking why or how come and understanding the thought process behind people’s decisions and behaviours. In a way this investigation is also an introspection to comprehend why I think and do the way I do. It’s also a call to humility as I frequently catch myself saying “I don’t know” but then immediately followed up by “but let us figure it out or let us find out why.” Or let us simply ask someone.

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