Tuning In

The past weeks have been about tuning in. I must have spent countless quiet moments over bullet proof coffee mulling over what’s next for me. Conversations and content sought were primarily to gain clarity or validation for the inner stirrings. Professional assessments were also taken to hopefully add data points that may further shed light to the decisions to be made. Movement and physical exercise were meant to manage the psyche that had to bear the challenge of figuring one’s self all over again. Solitude and reflection in its various forms has shaped this tuning in period.

Travelling solo is a unique tuning in opportunity. Because you have to be keen and alert to all that is happening around you, senses are fully heightened. One also tends to welcome new experiences while on the road. This openness lends itself as well to discovering and considering various possibilities that one wouldn’t have otherwise thought of under routine circumstances. Insights borne from immersive moments of travel make every trip worth the time and distance. My recent excursion was definitely marked by tuning in.

Writing is also another way of clarifying muddled thoughts. There is something about putting in written words reflections that would have just been swimming in the recesses of our minds. It gives flighty thoughts the substance needed for these to be given more careful consideration. I shall do more of this writing on this blog which I set on private for the past months for fear that it may be too raw. But if the risk of sharing too much is outweighed by the value of a clearer mind and heart, then why not open it up. Perhaps there also is someone out there going through their own version of figuring out and tuning in. So I shall try to write regularly again. So tune in!


I am going through yet another transition. It seems that I’ve gone through several. Sometimes I feel that I keep on going though these things that it gets tiring. But I also feel that it is part of the evolution that I continue to go through as part of growth. But there seems to be more emotions coursing through me this time. Perhaps it is because I also am sorting multiple layers and a multitude of experiences. So much feelings this time around.

Any transition is never easy. There could be a purging and a dying into one’s old self. There are questions that need to be grappled with. There are demons to deal with. It takes so much effort to move from one thing to another. That is why it is during these times that we also are at our most vulnerable. Transitions leave us raw to the point that we sometimes feel broken and bruised.

But from this pain rises a sense of comfort that whatever it is we transition into we can ultimately hurdle. I guess the difficulty of change prepares us for the change that eventually comes to be. Sometimes the prepping for the challenge is worst than the reality itself we are anticipating. Transitions are processes and not endpoints. The journey is part and parcel of the end goal of a new reality that we endeavor to shape and live.

Keep Showing Up

This is all I can muster now. Things are unclear and my heart is heavy from not being able to express fully. But I continue to trust that I am on the right path and that my struggles are part of the process of figuring things out.

There is no other way I know how to proceed but to keep on showing up in the best way that I can. I will continue to listen wholeheartedly, speak honestly and lead with my heart. This has never gone wrong in the past and I will show up in this way.

Perhaps when I do I will also get to show how I hope others will be in the world. I hope this stance will create the start of a rhythm so we can work better. It is not easy to be orchestrating various things and persons but if we all show up to our truths then maybe things will be so much better. While I’m pondering on that I’ll just show up.

Finding the Fun

When we are pressured to deliver we tend to lose the fun in the work that we do. Finding the fun is treated as s waste of time. Instead we think we should think and do the serious stuff if we are indeed serious about the work that we do. But really, where is the fun in that?

This is a question that is as important as asking what matters. It does not have to be all business and formality when we talk about what is meaningful. The joy of finding that which should be the focus of our energy is as much tied to the method by which we carry it out. Finding meaning is finding joy. There is so much lightness in that.

Play takes out the stress, It injects creativity and life in our otherwise staid and bland states of work. There is nothing like welcoming a brand new day with a smile and a light heart. Doing so creates a much larger space to do and to be.

Step by Step Ferociously

One step in front of the other is something I learned from years of running. It is a lot of work but it is what needs to get done to keep progressing. These steps are the components of forward motion. There is no other way.

But to step with bravery and courage is a more timely call in these times when I am co-creating something much larger than I am. It is a scary thought to take on a task that I know not how to fully accomplish. But I show up wholeheartedly everyday since that is the way I know how to be in the work that I do.

Every step taken with fervor and a lot of trust, there is something special in the mere act of choosing to step. It is not mere trudging along. It is a lifting of the spirit with every movement. So let us step ferociously everyday.

Things That You Earn

It’s not money that is the point of the effort of earning. It is what money gives you- the ability to choose where you want to be and what you want to do with your time and energy. It allows you to do the stuff that matter to you at your own pace. It gives you the freedom to choose who you want to work with and what you work on.

What you need to earn instead and deliberately focus your efforts on are the stuff that will get you to have a calm mind, a fit body and a home full of love. I got this from Naval Ravikant. It is what makes a life full and well lived. It is how I want to spend my days.

I hope to filter my decisions against these. It is a good practice to have an anchor for the choices and actions that shape our lives. Only by doing so do we live the life we ought to live.

Heart as Strength

Today I am grateful for a conversation I had with one of my best friends. He reminded me that my heart is my strength. Sometimes I feel that I am just working on the fluffy things – brand, narrative, relationships- without having a full grasp of metrics and the hard stuff. I sometimes doubt myself because I think that I should be better equipped as a founder.

I know what I am not good at and I surround myself with people who know better and can best teach and guide me. But perhaps I also should be guided by my own strength and what I uniquely bring to the table. It is good to be reminded that there is value in that.

So I will strengthen this heart that beats for something much larger than myself. Through genuine care for others, through work that is imbued with meaning, through commitment to relationships, through the trust that others are giving their best shot, through an earnest dedication to building a space where one can be their best self. This is how I build my best self.